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|Meet Africa’s Innovation Competition Imagine Cup finalists


Le Jeudi 27 Juin 2013

Meet Africa’s Innovation Competition Imagine Cup finalists

Team GreenMust from Morocco took a look at the environment and developed a Web/Mobile platform called Greenmust. Their app connects producers of large-quantity trash with recyclers from around the world.

“A waste producer could geolocate himself through a Windows Phone Application; Collectors are then notified and could include this one into one of their collection campaigns. Industrial waste producers can make auctions on their recyclables so Recyclers can bid or outbid on them,” the team explained.

The team explained how the idea came about. “The idea of GreenMust took birth during Brainstorming sessions programmed into the framework of Innovative Economy courses of Suptechnology University of Casablanca. In our University we are all concerned by environmental issues that are mostly related to the current global waste, and that was what inspired us to implement the GreenMust platform.”

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